Types of Membership

Membership Application

In-Service Membership

Whether you are on active duty stateside or overseas, you qualify for In-Service Membership. If you are Jewish and serving in the US Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Active Guard Reserve) your membership with the JWV is FREE while you are on active duty AND for the first year upon exiting from military service! We take great pride in serving and representing the interests of all of our active duty members.
NOTE: Please provide your military email to verify your active duty status.


Active Member

Active Members are the lifeblood of JWV. Our Active Members support the mission and values that serve as the cornerstone to the JWV—belief in Judaism, universal liberty, and veteran camaraderie.  To become an Active Member, one must have been an honorably discharged American Jewish veteran who has served in the US Armed Forces during a US War or conflict.  If you served in the US Armed Forces during Operation Enduring Freedom or operations in Bosnia in the 1990s, enlist today! We are always recruiting.


Associate Member

If you have served side-by-side with American GI’s under the flag of an ally in the fight against our adversaries, we proudly recognize your service. Associate Members enjoy nearly the same benefits and privileges as Active Members. One way to become an Associate Member is if you served on an allied force during a war or conflict, received an honorable discharge, and later became a US citizen. The other way to become an Associate Member is if you are a Jewish veteran who was honorably discharged from the US Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserves, after active duty service NOT during a war or conflict.



Any supporter of the organization that upholds, reflects, and pursues the values of JWV may become a Patron. They are often family of members, local community leaders, and veterans of other faiths. While Patrons are not members of JWV, they are welcome to engage with their local Post and support JWV programs. Patrons are not eligible to hold elected JWV office or serve as a delegate. Patrons are encouraged to invest annually in the same dues amount as JWV members.


Lifetime Membership and Patronship

Make the ultimate investment with JWV by becoming a Life Member or Life Patron. Show the bond of Brotherhood/Sisterhood with JWV by investing in the organization’s future. One of the perks of Life Membership and Patron Membership is you will no longer be obligated to pay annual dues.


If you have any questions, please contact

harryarlin@verizon.net or text (516) 313-2489